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Why Should I Become Licensed? What can an Arizona Homeopathic Medical License do for Me?

Arizona is one of three states that offers a second medical license to MD’s and DO’s who practice homeopathy and/or integrative-alternative therapies. Homeopathic Physicians are licensed by the Arizona Board of Homeopathic & Integrated Medical Examiners. Our scope of practice includes many complementary medical therapies, such as ortho-molecular medicine, chelation therapy, neuromuscular integration, classical homeopathy, complex homeopathy, electro-dermal diagnosis and treatment, and more.

Credibility and Credentialing

  • Having this license shows that you are highly qualified to practice homeopathic medicine.
  • You took the time, energy and effort to do additional studies, passed an exam and met the requirements to practice homeopathy and/or integrative medicine.

The Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA) is the state association for physicians licensed by the Arizona Board of Homeopathic & Integrated Medical Examiners and like-minded professionals including biological dentists.

Member benefits include

  • Access to monthly medical education lectures.
  • Practice management lectures.
  • Volunteer opportunity at AMCH/AHIMA Integrative Medicine Clinic.
  • Referrals.

Additionally, AHIMA offers workshops and conferences that focus on specific therapies. We’re here to help.

PO Box 10131, Phoenix, AZ 85064-0131
602-573-7496 / lisa@arizonahomeopathic.org

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Membership Categories:

  • Instate Active/Licensed Homeopathic Physician $1200 per year
  • Out of State/ Licensed Homeopathic Physician $600 per year
  • Associate $250 per year
  • Supportive $100 per year
  • Medical Student $50 per year

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