Lead Toxicity Isn’t a Death Sentence!

There’s a lot of “drama” around the Flint Michigan water scandal, and (rightly so) people are calling for someone to be accountable.
But this man-made disaster doesn’t have to become the health crisis everyone is worried about.

As a homeopathic doctor, knowing that the water is poisoned, I’d be thinking oral chelation and homeopathic heavy metal detox to get the lead and other heavy metal poisons out of my patients.

EDTA, DMSA, zeolite, chlorella, cilantro, garlic and homeopathic drops are all safe to use in controlled amounts and all help remove lead from patients of any age. We will soon have a liposomal EDTA available for doctor-controlled, safe chelation therapy. Doctors will also suggest appropriate oral supplements that complement the chelation process.

I’d actually be sprinkling EDTA powder onto the reservoirs to settle the lead out of water being treated. Even if residual EDTA ended up in the drinking water, patients wouldn’t be harmed, as EDTA is used as a food preservative in small amounts.

Contrary to what is being said in the media, lead toxicity isn’t irreversible. It is a horrible problem, but there are answers.
Warm regards,

-Dr. B
Dr. Bruce H Shelton MD MD(H) DiHom FBIH

Valley Integrative Physicians

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